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What to Bring Preparation is the key to success

Shakti Gear RackOne of the benefits of bouldering is that it doesn’t require a lot of gear. You don’t need a harness, rope, belay device, or even a partner.

You may need a couple of essential items; however, and here they are:


Climbing shoes

Climbing barefoot is dangerous and climbing in street shoes is ineffective. Climbing shoes are a must. If you don’t have any yet, we can rent you a pair for $5/day.

If you’re bringing kids under 6, they can wear clean sneakers.


A refillable water bottle

We choose not to buy or sell bottled water for a variety of reasons:

  • Bottled water generates huge amounts of waste.
  • It lines the pockets of corporations who steal our natural resources and then sell them back to us at a profit.
  • Study after study shows that it’s not healthier than tap water.
  • It distances us from vital public systems (like municipal water treatment).


What we DO provide is a big ol’ 5 gallon chilled bottle of water that you’re welcome to fill your bottle from. When it runs out, we fill it back up with tap water. If you forget to bring a refillable bottle, not to worry, we do have community cups that you’re welcome to use while you’re here.


Comfortable clothes

This one’s pretty self explanatory.


A towel and toiletries

If you want to take a shower after your work out, don’t forget to bring a towel and soap. Please make sure that your shampoos and soaps are biodegradable. (What would happen if we all refused to buy products that damage the environment?)



We do our best to provide some sort of vegan, homemade, power bar or snack on a daily basis, but sometimes we run out. There are a lot of great food vendors in the area as well, such as Le Panthere Verte, le cagibi, and Boulangerie Clarke. Feel free to bring in a snack, we just ask that you help us to keep the place clean.



If you’re a newcomer, we have chalk bags you can borrow. If you’re an old timer – please use a chalk sock! We know it doesn’t feel as good as digging your hands into a big bag of loose chalk, but it sure keeps the air more breathable and the mats much cleaner.


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