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House Rules Climbing is risky business - be smart about it!


Bouldering is a high-risk activity. Even though standard indoor climbing industry security measures have been put in place, certain risks cannot be eliminated without compromising the particular characteristics of bouldering. These characteristics can result in accidental injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent injury or death.

Shakti House Rules

Please read and follow our house rules to keep things safe and functioning smoothly.

  • All participants must check-in at the front desk upon entering.
  • All participants must leave their shoes/boots on the shoe rack at the entrance. No street shoes in house, please.
  • Warm-up and stretch properly before climbing to reduce risk of injury.
  • No climbing without climbing shoes.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: never boulder above or underneath another climber.
  • Climbers are responsible for appointing their own spotters if they feel the need for one.
  • Make sure there is a crash pad in the anticipated landing zone whether you be climbing or spotting.
  • Remove all watches and/or jewelry before climbing. These objects can cause injury. They’re also bad for the crash pads.
  • Don’t hang out on the crash pads.
  • Tank top minimum: No bare-chested climbing, please.
  • No climbing and/or hanging on ceiling pipes and wires.
  • Drugs, alcohol, or objectionable behavior are not permitted.
  • Shakti is not responsible for damaged, stolen, or lost personal items.


Contact UsIf you have questions or concerns about climbing safety,
feel free to contact us or speak with one of our staff.