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Classes At Shakti there's always something new to learn


If you’re new to climbing, welcome! We think you’ll find that Shakti is a great place to start. With no certifications required, and no gear to fuss with (or invest in). Climbers can get on the wall straight away and start learning technique and building strength. We’re happy to take time out to show newcomers basic technique and get them started – no charge.

If you’d like additional training, we offer an introductory course, workshops, and specialized physical training for climbers.


Course Details

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Introduction to Climbing

Technical Course # 1

Physical Training for Climbers

A personalized training program

Youth Climbing Program

Experience the benefits of the sport

Youth Summer Camp

Climbing & gymnastics = new heights!

Bouldering Workshops

See the class schedule for upcoming sessions.

Spring-Break Day Camp

See the class schedule for upcoming sessions.