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175 St. Viateur Est, Montreal

“Re-wilding the Mile-End” and “Vermont vs. Tar Sand”
November 30, 2013 @ 6:30 pm

9034918817_1c51cda71f_z-1Come join us for this lecture and discussion lead by two groups of McGill students.

They will present the results of their research on:

1.  “Re-Wilding the Mile End”:  How can citizens harmonize the interests of humans and nature in the newly-protected green space called Le Champ des Possibles – right around the corner from Shakti?

2.  “Vermont vs. Tar Sand:  Supply and Demand”:  How grave is the threat that oil from the Alberta tar sands will flow through Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, and then Maine in a pipeline that is already decades old?  Since Vermonters have strongly opposed this prospect, how can they reduce their own oil consumption by shifting away from a transportation system dominated by private automobiles?

This is a free event , and a potluck!  Please bring a dish to share (if you can) and/or your own bowl and spoon!


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